Policy for the Installation of Private Water/Sewer Lines


1. If your property is not already in the Water/Sewer District, a letter requesting to be added to the District needs to be sent to the New Shoreham Sewer Commission at P.O. Box 774 or Board of Water Commissioners at P.O. Box 998, Block Island, RI 02807 listing the property owner’s name, address, telephone numbers on/off island, Plat and Lot of parcel to be included. Once approved by the Water/Sewer Commission your request will then be recommended to the Town Council for final approval.

2. If your property is in the Water/Sewer District, call to make an appointment with Water Superintendent John Breunig at 466-3232 or Sewer Superintendent Dylan Chase at 466-3231 for instructions and a permit application to connect.

3. With approval by the District and the Town Council,separate Allocations must be purchased for water and sewer. All charges/fees outstanding or due for water/sewer service must be paid in full before any new allocation for service can be approved through the office of the Director of Public Works at Town Hall. 

4. When all applications are approved, the contractor will then be required to submit two sets of plans for review: 1 set to the Town Engineer: James Geremia & Associates Inc., 272 Exchange Street, Providence, RI 02903-1025, and 1 set submitted to the Water Superintendent John Breunig (466-3232) and/or Sewer Superintendent Dylan Chase (466-3231). 

5. Upon completion of plan review and before any work begins, with the proper permits in hand, it is the responsibility of the contractor to notify the Superintendent of the anticipated date of completion to establish a time line for necessary inspections before any lines are buried. This inspection is required to rule out potential for infiltration, use of improper materials, and to avoid future public health problems as required in the Town’s Utilities Standards. A copy of the Standards is available at the Superintendent’s office at the Water and Sewer Plants. 

6. All contractors must meet the requirements (listed in the Town’s Utilities Standards) for licensing and insurance and provide proof on demand before any work has begun.

7. When a line is going to go in or next to a state road, the RI Department of Transportation (RIDOT) requires a special use permit. Any time state roads are involved in construction or maintenance by private individuals, a permit must be acquired prior to the start of any work.

8. In any new construction, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) will not be issued until the Building Official is notified that an inspection of lines by the Water/Sewer Department is complete and the appropriate Superintendent has approved the work.