New Shoreham Water District Allocation Information


ALLOCATION YEAR 10/2019 - 10/2020

Cost of Water Allocation is $9.09 per gpd

The allocation system was developed as a tool for conservation and capital planning. Every account on the water system has an allotment associated with it. Allocation is like owning a portion of the available water capacity during busy summer season (July, August, and September) when there are limited resources and capacity.  A customer always has the option of purchasing allocation assuming there is available capacity. 

The amount of allocation required for an account depends upon the needs of the individual property, which is calculated during the 92 day summer season (July, August, and September).  If an account exceeds their allotment, a penalty of $55.00 per thousand gallons is assessed and included in September’s bill. If additional allocation is purchased before December 1st of the same year the account will receive a credit for incurred penalties based on the amount of allocation purchased*

EXAMPLE: A property’s current account allocation is 10,000 gallons

The property exceeded its 3rd quarter allocation by 21,000 gallons and incurred penalties of $1,155(@ $55 per 1,000 gal)

The property owner chooses to purchase an additional 21,000 gallons of water allocation before December 1st with the costs calculated as follows:

$2074.89 (21,000 gallons ÷ 92 days= 228.26 gallons per day. 

228.26 gallons per day × $9.09** current water allocation rate= $2074.89)

Once the allocation application has been accepted and payment received the account will:

A) Receive a refund of the current year’s over usage penalties

B) Receive a permanent increase in the property’s annual allocation.

*The sale of allocation is based on available capacity, final approval to be determined by the Superintendent

**Allocation rates are determined annually by the Commission in October. Please refer to the RATES & FEES for current cost of allocation.

2019-2020 Water Allocation Form (pdf)